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"Remember the joy when your child took their first step?" That's the kind of growth we see every day at Pine Hills International School. We're not just about classrooms and textbooks. Here, the best facilities meet a mix of lessons that suit every child's needs. We're all about giving a great education that cares about the whole child.

Choosing Pine Hills means choosing a place where character matters as much as academics.|
With us, your child won't just learn facts and figures.

So why not give your child the Pine Hills advantage? Join us, and see the difference a Pine Hills education can make.

Welcome to Pine Hills International School.

I’m filled with immense warmth and excitement as I write this, knowing that together, we are about to embark on a remarkable journey that will profoundly shape your child’s future.

Every day at Pine Hills, we take pride in guiding our students towards new milestones, just like the first time you held your child's hand as they made their first uncertain steps. Each day brings new discoveries and learning experiences, nurturing them into well-rounded individuals.

Choosing Pine Hills is choosing a transformative journey for your child - a journey that will mold them into compassionate and responsible global citizens, ready to tackle the challenges of tomorrow. As we open our doors to another inspiring academic year, I look forward to welcoming your child into the Pine Hills family, where they can grow, learn and thrive

Best wishes,
MS Ling Nah
Group Principal
Pine Hills School
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