English As Second Language : Embrace English, Empower Your Future

Welcome to Our Fun and Easy-to-Learn English As Second Language (ESL) at Pine Hills!

Are you ready to master English? Our General English Course at Pine Hills is the perfect place for you! This exciting course helps you understand English better and shows you how to use it confidently.

Learning is fun at Pine Hills! Our friendly teacher uses different ways to make English easy and exciting. You’ll take part in lively discussions, learn through fun activities, and listen to interesting talks. And, we have plenty of books you can use to practice anytime, anywhere. The best part? Our ESL course is for everyone! Whether you're just starting with English or want to become even better, this course is your ticket to success. It doesn’t just help you chat easily with English speakers but can also open doors for your studies or career.

Come join us at Pine Hills! Start learning English in a fun way and step into a world full of new opportunities.


1. Getting to know English:

Start from the basics 

Topics include:

  • The Alphabet
  • Numbers
  • Common Phrases
  • Days, Months, and Seasons
  • Basic English Grammar

2. Conversational English and Confidence Building:

The primary goal of this unit is to get you comfortable speaking English.

Topics include:

  • Greetings and Introductions
  • Asking and Answering Questions
  • Describing People, Places, and Things
  • Everyday Conversations
  • Public Speaking Skills

3. English Grammar in Detail:

This unit deep-dives into English grammar rules and their usage.

Topics include:

  • Nouns, Pronouns, and Adjectives
  • Verbs and Adverbs
  • Prepositions and Conjunctions
  • Tenses
  • Direct and Indirect Speech

4. Reading Comprehension:

This module focuses on improving your reading skills and comprehension.

Topics include:

  • Identifying Main Ideas and Supporting Details
  • Making Inferences
  • Vocabulary Expansion
  • Reading for Different Purposes

5. Writing Skills:

We'll guide you to express your ideas clearly and correctly in written English.

Topics include:

  • Sentence Construction
  • Paragraph Writing
  • Letter Writing
  • Essay Writing

6. Listening and Pronunciation:

In this unit, you'll enhance your listening skills and perfect your pronunciation.

Topics include:

  • Understanding Spoken English
  • Pronunciation and Intonation
  • Listening for Specific Information
  • Listening and Note-Taking

7. Practical English:

We'll prepare you to use English confidently in real-life situations.

Topics include:

  • English for Traveling
  • English for Studying
  • English for Socializing

Our dedicated teachers use engaging methods like lively discussions, interesting talks, and fun activities to make the learning process enjoyable.