Learning Support

We understand that no two students are the same, and that all children deserve an excellent, child-centered education. At Pine Hills, we take a personalized approach to education, ensuring that each student has the opportunity to reach their fullest potential, regardless of their backgrounds, and needs. 
The Gifted Kids Care Centre (GKCC) is our very own dedicated learning support department on campus. Our team of specialist teachers within the learning support department are highly experienced and qualified in delivering specific educational needs, working alongside teachers to give additional support for children with language and/or learning needs, and helping them transition into school life academically and socially.

We have a variety of programmes and services specifically designed to meet the needs of children with special needs. There are some of the programmes in which we provide additional support to students: 

  • Speech and Communication
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Academic Therapy
  • Social Skills
  • Behaviour Management
  • Individual Education Plan (IEP)
  • After-School Care

The standard procedure in assessing and assisting students with special education needs is as follows:

  1. A meeting between our school advisor and the parent with the child, to discuss their individual needs and how we can best support them.
  2. Previous schooling or medical history will be analyzed by the specialist teacher to assess the child’s situation and health condition to understand their learning needs and serve them better.
  3. Your child will be required to take our internal assessment, conducted by the specialist teacher, which is a standard requirement for admission in order to have a better understanding of their learning needs and to have an accurate learning support class placement.