Early Years

Early Years Programme

Children’s intellectual development is encouraged by teachers through the exploration of multiple symbolic “languages”, to help children discover and communicate the concepts that open up the world around them.

We offer half day sessions for parents who prefer shorter school hours for their children, which includes the core courses and activities that will prepare children for primary school, and full day sessions that include additional courses and enrichment programmes that are designed to enhance the children’s education.

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Little Pine Hills Subang

20, Jalan USJ Sentral 3, Subang Light Industrial Park, 47600 Subang Jaya, Selangor

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Campus and Facilities

Our purpose built facility that caters for the early years students provides vibrant, safe, and age appropriate learning spaces which include large open-plan indoor spaces and exciting outdoor spaces to support the student’s learning and growth.

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We have captured many precious moments of our students enjoying their time at Little Pine Hills! Come see what we are all about!

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Wataru (Japan)

I would like to share my son’s experience in the Gifted Kids Care Centre. He wasn't good at English because it’s been a long time since he came to Malaysia. In addition, he was very shy, so I was very worried that he couldn't get close to his classmates. However, the classes were small and the teacher served my son very well and taught him based on his own ability. Now, my son is in year 2, and he’ll be transitioned into the mainstream classes in Pine Hills soon!

Ryan’s Mother

Ryan was diagnosed with mild ADHD. He is hyperactive and unable to enroll in other schools. I felt really grateful that I was able to enroll him at Pine Hills International School. He showed progress after studying for more than a year. Initially, Ryan was not able to follow instructions such as taking turns and controlling his temper. Now, with the guidance from the SEN teachers at Pine Hills, he is more independent and sociable, compared to before. I am so grateful for the teachers’ guidance and patience towards Ryan.

Chye Hui San

After one and a half years of study, Luis has improved a lot in terms of academics and personal development. From An academic's point of view, he has a better understanding of Mathematics, Science and English. For personal development, he is more disciplined, focused and willing to share his opinions and in decision-making.

Donald Mangaput Amar Jr.

We are really glad to find Gifted Kids Care Centre. It's hard to find a dedicated teacher who is willing to teach kids like Meilson. We know this is the right school for him the moment he did his assessment. He is super excited to go to school every single day. To learn, meet new friends and teachers. We are always happy to hear his stories after class. He's definitely doing very well until covid crashes it. Hope this pandemic ends soon so he can get back on track and see him moving to the mainstream which is his ultimate goal. Thanks to all the teachers specially Ms. Khay and The Gifted Kids Team for making the difference to teach kids like Meilson. It’s life changing for them to have dedicated teachers like you. Thank u so much and hope to see u all soon in person.